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Bringing policy makers closer to real life of citizens is the objective of Live+Gov. Live+Gov will provide governments with tools to create new communication channels between citizens and governments, in order to improve the policy modeling process taking into account citizen's input.

From the functional point of view, the nature of these tools is framed in the Open Government movement, which requires openness to citizen participation and engagement in policymaking and governance.

Particularly, Live+Gov project gets value of the big penetration of smartphones among citizens and the broad possibilities these devices offer to gather information, such as those offered by GPS, image, compass, orientation sensors, etc. At the same time the use of smartphones related to government plans will allow augmented reality to give better understating of plans and enhance their view, at the same that other features will improve the transportation experience of travellers, or the day to day relating to maintenance.

Live+Gov will use for parts of its exploitation model a SaaS software delivery model, in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. Clients will access the service using a light client, making the adaptation easy and the cost of operation low.